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ICYMI: Peanut Butter Cereals (or: a Brief Introduction to the Ancient Art of Cereal Mixing)

A new batch of peanut butter-themed cereal reviews, and an attempt at creating the ultimate peanut butter cereal.

Chocolate Lucky Charms with 5 New Clover Hats

Cereal trend alert: old cereal, weird new shapes

Cereal manufacturers are experimenting with new shapes in some of their old cereals.


ICYMI: Cartoon Cereals

Cartoons and cereal, together at last!

Fruity Pebbles on French toast.

Wednesday Cereal Bits #12

The return of an old favorite, an all-cereal cafe, and some ancient cereal.

The reason this blog was created.

Six-Layer Milk-Soaked Cereal Cake with Frosted Flake Frosting

Charles Phoenix has created what may very well be the world’s greatest cake using six different cereals.

Cookie Crisp in a bowl made of cookie dough.

BREAKING: Cookie Crisp in a bowl made out of a cookie

A Reddit user has created the ultimate vessel for Cookie Crisp cereal.

Lucky Charms marshmallow featuring the all-seeing eye.

3 Alarming Cereal Conspiracies THEY Don’t Want You To Know About!

A disturbing list of cereal-related horrors that prove Big Cereal is out to kill you and your family in the name of profit!

And the winner of the Cereal Fix 2014 Best Cereal Ever Tournament is...

And the winner is…

Drumroll, please. Drumroll?

Cereal Fix Best Cereal Ever Tournament 2014 Logo

FINAL ROUND: The 2014 Best Cereal Ever Tournament!

The two finalists have been selected and the last round of voting has begun. Who will be crowned the winner? Help decide!

Cereal Fix Best Cereal Ever Tournament 2014 Logo

The 2014 Best Cereal Ever Semifinals!

It’s down to the final four. Who will emerge victoriously delicious? You decide!