General Mills' Delicious Debut line of retro cereal boxes.

They’re at it again! General Mills introduces more retro packaging

Though the’re not the first to do it, General Mills is certainly the most recent cereal manufacturer to get into the whole retro-packaging craze. And based on their bringing back Fruity Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute last October, I’m going to go ahead and say they’re probably the best at it, too.


Wednesday Cereal Bits #11

Just a few interesting, cereal-related links. This week brings us some interesting cereal recipes, one of which involves pork; two crafts you can make from cereal boxes; and a couple of weird things involving beer and David Letterman—though not necessarily at the same time. Enjoy!


Wednesday Cereal Bits #10

It’s back! You’ve waited nearly three long years, but America’s favorite weekly breakfast cereal news aggregator has finally returned—and it’s bigger, badder, and crunchier than ever. And even better still, this time forgoing the lame intro. Or at least half of it!

Just a few interesting, cereal-related links…


Kellogg's Corn Flakes-inspired bag designed by Anya Hindmarch for London Fashion Week 2014, photographed by Ben A. Pruchnie

London Fashion Week is Cuckoo for Haute Couture

Designer Anya Hindmarch has put some familiar faces on fashion for her show at London Fashion Week this year. Check out these photos we shamelessly stole from photographer Ben A. Pruchnie by way of Access Atlanta (and be sure to click the link for photos of her Corn Flakes and Coco Pops-inspired designs, too.)


Photo of Froot Loops by Mandy Jansen.

CEREAL SCANDAL: Froot Loops is all one flavor!

You heard it here first!

Actually, probably not since this was originally written in 1999, but for some reason has been reported and re-reported by just about every news aggregator for the past few days because they all just get their “news” from Reddit. Also, I think deep down, in our heart of hearts, we all always knew…

Anyway, yes, so sayeth the Straight Dope, “According to Kellogg’s, all of those delectable loops are flavored the same.”

Yeah, of course: froot!

Via; photo via Mandy_Jansen on Flickr.


Cereal Innovations: Marshmallow Marshmallow Cereal


  • Marshmallow Cereal
  • Marshmallows


  • Add marshmallows to marshmallow cereal
Cinnamon St. sign on brick wall.

Two New Cinnamon Cereal Reviews!

Wow! Sixteen years since the last post, and now two new cereal reviews in one week? What could be better?

What if they were both cinnamon cereal reviews? Okay, so that’s not really exciting, but by coincidence I did pick up two cinnamon-themed cereals recently and figured, why not?

  1. Apple Cinnamon Chex (General Mills) — A good cereal that I’d like to eat again, but don’t see myself getting nostalgic over twenty years from now; Apple Cinnamon Chex lived up to my expectations, but didn’t necessarily exceed them.
  2. Frosted Mini-Wheats Cinnamon Roll Little Bites (Kellogg’s) — I’ve never had a bad shredded wheats experience, and Frosted Mini-Wheats Cinnamon Roll Little Bites are no exception. A tasty addition to its family.

So there you have it. And yeah, some sort of pictures will be added… soon?

Photo credit: Martin Deutsch

UPDATED! Hey kids! Win a free box of Crunchy Nut Caramel cereal

This contest has ended! Congratulations to Andrew Raymond Owens of Indiana and Boaz Frankel of Oregon. Once we get your addresses, we’ll have Kellogg’s send you your delicious prizes. (Just send us a message via the contact form.) To everyone who didn’t win, maybe you should try harder next time. Just sayin’!

Do you want to be a taste tester for Kellogg’s? Who doesn’t!

Do you want your own box of Crunchy Nut Caramel, the latest variety in the Crunchy Nut cereal line? Sure you do. It’s got caramel!

Well today might just be your lucky day! Kellogg’s has offered to send two of our favorite readers a box of Crunchy Nut Caramel of their very own. (That’s right—the box will ship direct to you, hot off the assembly line at the Kellogg’s factory; the box won’t even touch our filthy, cereal-loving hands at Cereal Fix headquarters!) But which two of our countless millions of fans are our favorites? Who deserves such a fabulous prize? We don’t know! You tell us!

That’s right, there are two ways you can win:

Option 1: Facebook. Yes, one lucky Cereal Fix fan on Facebook will get his (or her!) very own box of Crunchy Nut Caramel. All you need to do to win is 1.) like Cereal Fix on Facebook, and 2.) post something good-and-breakfasty on our fan page wall. We’ll randomly select one winner from all wall posts made by fans between the time this is published and 5:00pm EDT (that’s New York time!) on Friday, May 18, 2012 as winner #1.

Option 2: Twitter. Of course! The second lucky Cereal Fix fan on Twitter can win her (or his!) own box, too. All you need to do is 1.) follow Cereal Fix on Twitter, and 2.) retweet this message—this message right here! We’ll select one winner randomly from all our Twitter followers who retweet that post between the time this is published and, yes, 5:00pm EDT on Friday, May 18 (that’s 2012!) as winner #2.

Good luck!

The Great American Cereal Book cover.

Celebrate National Cereal Day with Marty Gitlin, author of The Great American Cereal Book

Happy National Cereal Day, everyone! We don’t know how you celebrated, but here at Cereal Fix we’re comemmorating this most holiest of holy days on the cereal calendar with an exclusive interview with writer Marty Gitlin, author of The Great American Cereal Book.

You may remember us mentioning the book a few months back. Marty was gracious enough to send us a copy to look over. It’s not only a handsomely-designed reference, but a fun read as well. Between the encycopedic list of nearly every cereal ever sold in America are fun little informative essays and cereal trivia, such as a compilation of fictional cereals and a comprehensive list of Corn Flakes copycats. We can’t recommend the book enough, and are happy Marty was able to spend his National Cereal Day with us (and you!). So pour yourself a bowl and read on.



Now You Can Eat Marshmallow Cereal Without the Cereal!

No, you’re not having deja vu; we made a post on cereal marshmallows last December, too. The idea sounds crazy when you hear it about it in long-winded, rambling, half-coherent sales pitches on sketchy-looking websites. But brother, when a professional magician offers you a bag of cereal marshmallows, you can’t say “no,” especially when you read their corporate slogan: “We pick the marshmallows out [of] the cereal so you don’t have to.” What’s not to enjoy?

Magician’s Cereal Marshmallows are exactly what you’re imagining: a bag full of Lucky Charms-like marshmallows (or—yes—marbits) ready to eat. And if you’re like me, eat by the fistful. See, each serving of Magician’s Cereal Marshmallows is 50 marshmallows. Yes, 50! Even considering the size of the little pieces, that’s a ton of cereal marshmallows. Not that I’m complaining. Oh, and there are multiple servings per bag.

The marshmallows themselves are as tasty as any other you’ve eaten. They’re small, crisp, and have that nice, sort-of vanilla-y flavor. Best of all, they nice and crisp; they have that really good snap to them that makes all cereal marshmallows taste so much better than actual marshmallows.

The packaging is nice and professional, particularly when compared to products offered by other cereal marshmallow vendors out there, which, believe it or not, really do exist. We’ve seen cereal marshmallows packaged in clear baggies, plastic containers, and even occasionally hidden in boxes of breakfast cereal, but Magician’s Magic Marshmallows go all out. And, true to the product’s cereal roots, there’s even a cartoon mascot on the front. They suggest you “add [them] to your favorite cereal,’ but they’re fine straight from the bag. Though my next experiment will be having just a bowl of cereal marshmallows with milk. Based on the current rate of posts on Cereal Fix lately, you can expect the fascinating results of this experiment in June 2014. Stay tuned!

Magician’s Cereal Marshmallows can be purchased at

Disclosure: I received Magician’s Cereal Marshmallows from CMRI, LLC to review.

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