Cereal Fix Mailbag, Volume I

Letters from a nut-n-honey crunch.

Mystery cereals.

Where do I find ______ cereal?

Wonder no more! We’ve compiled a brief list of some of the more rare and frequently-missed cereals and where they’ve been spotted.

Happy National Cereal Day!

We’ve got something special here for you, our loyal readers.

ICYMI: Peanut Butter Cereals (or: a Brief Introduction to the Ancient Art of Cereal Mixing)

A new batch of peanut butter-themed cereal reviews, and an attempt at creating the ultimate peanut butter cereal.

Cereal trend alert: old cereal, weird new shapes

Cereal manufacturers are experimenting with new shapes in some of their old cereals.

ICYMI: Cartoon Cereals

Cartoons and cereal, together at last!

Fruity Pebbles on French toast.

Wednesday Cereal Bits #12

The return of an old favorite, an all-cereal cafe, and some ancient cereal.

The reason this blog was created.

Six-Layer Milk-Soaked Cereal Cake with Frosted Flake Frosting

Charles Phoenix has created what may very well be the world’s greatest cake using six different cereals.

Cookie Crisp in a bowl made of cookie dough.

BREAKING: Cookie Crisp in a bowl made out of a cookie

A Reddit user has created the ultimate vessel for Cookie Crisp cereal.

Lucky Charms marshmallow featuring the all-seeing eye.

3 Alarming Cereal Conspiracies THEY Don’t Want You To Know About!

A disturbing list of cereal-related horrors that prove Big Cereal is out to kill you and your family in the name of profit!