Ashley is the founder, publisher, and co-editor of Cereal Fix along with Andrew Sylvester. Ashley lives in Portland, Oregon. Her favorite cereals are Life, Lucky Charms, Boo Berry, Cap'n Crunch with Crunch Berries, and probably Cookie Crisp. Definitely Cookie Crisp.

Ashley's Cereal Reviews

Organic Flax Plus – Red Berry Crunch (Nature's Path)

I don’t want to say I hate this cereal, but I do. So I guess I will. I hate this cereal.

Puffins Multigrain (Barbara's)

I’m not really satisfied when I eat Puffin Multigrain cereal. I gave it a few tries, both dry and with milk, and each time seemed like it was lacking something. Combine this feeling with the weird corn aftertaste, and you end up with a cereal I will more than likely never try again.

Cinnamon Crunch (Cascadian Farm)

I am a few grams of sugar away from saying that I love this cereal. I really LIKE this cereal, but would like it more if they just upped the cinnamon/sugar/crunch factor just a bit. It’s still a really delicious snack and a great “healthy” alternative to Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

GOLEAN Crunch! Honey Almond Flax (Kashi)

This cereal is really, really good. It’s also fairly healthy for you, with 9g of protein, 8g of fiber, and 17g of whole grains per serving. I love eating this cereal with milk and also as a dry snack. Great product!

Honey Nut O’s (Cascadian Farm)

Honey Nut O’s really aren’t all that satisfying. I didn’t even feel like finishing the entire bowl, but I ate it anyway. Mostly bland, kind of stale, and just not that good.

Shredded Spoonfuls Multigrain (Barbara's)

I absolutely love this genre of cereal, and it is extremely satisfying to eat with milk.

Organic Corn Flakes (Trader Joe's)

I love corn flakes, and these are just as good as any other corn flake I’ve had. These are ~~*organic*~~ so I feel like I should feel better about myself while eating them. I do, so I’m pushing the satisfaction rating up to a solid 7.

Mallow-Oats (Mom's Best Naturals)

I fucking love this cereal. I think the “Mom’s Best” & “Naturals” tags on this box combined with a lack of artificial flavors makes me feel good about eating an otherwise “unhealthy” cereal. And I love marshmallow cereal, so it works out well. It’s great as a breakfast cereal and a dry snack, so bonus points for that as well.

Cap’n Crunch (Quaker)

If Guy Fieri was reviewing this cereal, he would say the following: “This cereal takes you on a sugary ride straight into crunch town.” If you are craving a highly sugary snack, go for the box of Cap’n Crunch. If you want a satisfying cereal, go elsewhere.

Alien Berry Punch Flavored Oat Cereal (Fred Meyer)

This was the weirdest cereal I’ve had in a while. The cereal consists of yellow marshmallow stars, brown oat puffs, blue alien shapes, and a bizarre Cookie Crisp-style discus. It’s a good snack as a dry cereal, but once exposed to milk, the ingredients seem to break down and deteriorate into a frothy foam-like substance that isn’t very desirable. Even still, I ate it because it seemed cool and I liked the shapes.