Off-brand manufacturer/imitator for the ALDI grocery chain. Some say General Mills produces the products under the generic name, but we don’t believe in such myths. Can you solve the mystery?

Cinnamon Crunch Squares

Another off-brand imitation that deserves high praise. Cinnamon Crunch Squares is pretty comparable to Cinnamon Toast Crunch in most areas, and even exceeds it in some others.

Cocoa Peanut Butter Puffs

This is one of the best off-brand imitations of cereals I’ve had, and it’s about time somebody started tackling off-brand cereals like this instead of just more endless Lucky Charms and Shredded Wheat knockoffs.

Crunchy Fruit & Nut

Something new from a store brand. It’s got fruit, it’s got nuts. It’s delicious!