Post Foods, suspiciously like its competitor Kellogg’s, got its start in Battle Creek Michigan in the late 1800s. Charles William Post founded the company after a stint at Dr. John Harvey Kellogg’s sanitarium, where he ate a number of cereals produced by the Kellogg brothers. Shortly after his stay, by sheer coincidence, he started producing his own cereals under the Postum Cereal Co. brand. (Dr. Kellogg would later suggest Post had broken into his office safe and stolen his corn flakes recipe.) The company’s first success was a dry cereal known as Grape Nuts.

Today, Post has a roster of great, unique cereals to its name, including Golden Crisp, Alpha Bits, Honey Bunches of Oats, and Pebbles of all kinds, ranging from Cocoa to Fruity and then some.


It’s geared at young kids, but this could just as easily be a “transitional” cereal marketed toward adults who don’t want to admit they like sugar.

Cinnamon Pebbles

Post’s been doing great things with Pebbles lately, and this new offering is no exception.