Cereal Stuff

The Great American Cereal Book cover.

Celebrate National Cereal Day with Marty Gitlin, author of The Great American Cereal Book

Author Marty Gitlin shares his thoughts on cereal and his experiences writing The Great American Cereal Book.

Vintage Ad: The “New Raisin” Saucer

A cool, vintage advertisement and coupon for a Raisin Bran flying disc.

Zany, Cereal-Themed April Fool’s Day Prank!

A simple cereal prank that’s been making the rounds this week.

The Official T-shirt of Breakfast

Designer Philip Tseng created this cool shirt with his “photovector” process, a method he describes as a “mixed media of photo and vector.”

The Secret History of Cereal Giants

How differing business strategies gave Kellogg the lead during the Great Depression, and pushed Post into the background.

Part of this Complete Breakfast: Cap’n Crunch [GALLERY]

I just spent an embarrassing amount of time taking screen captures of various “complete breakfasts” from Cap’n Crunch commercials on YouTube. I’m a college graduate! Anyway, enjoy…!

Seeing the World Through Cereal-Tinted Glasses

Source: BuzzFeed; via EatLiver.com

Ever Wish You Could Eat Marshallow Cereal Without the Cereal?

And do you have a penchant for making highly risky, unsecured online purchases from an extremely sketchy online retailer that uses excessive emoticons in a business setting? Well, today is your lucky day!

Subtlest Product Placement Ever

Check out this totally-inconspicuous product placement from a recent Days of our Lives episode: Watch this video on YouTube. » Via Diet-Blog.

What Wine Pairs with Cereal?

This may have come out a little over a year ago, but it’s news to me: If 7:00 am isn’t too early for you to start drinking, but you’re still looking for a way to class up breakfast a little, then wine expert Gary Vaynerchuk has just the tips you need to get your morning