Honeycomb Puffs: Cool or Terrifying?

Honeycomb Puffs is a new, limited-edition cereal that’s being released in the UK soon by HM Foods. Living in the United States, I don’t typically follow the goings-on of cereal manufacturers overseas, but when I hear the words “limited edition” and “cereal,” there’s no stopping me. Anyway, aside from wishing I could have a bowl,

Teddy Grahams Cereal Conspiracy

So for whatever reason, I decided to look up Teddy Grahams Breakfast Bears Cereal commercials on YouTube today and stumbled across this: The ad was memorable, and sort of silly, but I was wondering if there might be another, better-quality version of the commercial on YouTube. I saw another, similarly-titled video with a familiar thumbnail

Where’s My Pancake Crunch?

Here’s a free idea for all you countless hundreds of cereal manufacturing bigwigs out there that obsessively check this blog every day: Pancake Crunch. It’s no secret that condensing larger breakfast foods into tiny, bite-sized cereal pieces is a guaranteed formula for success. Take the following, for example…