Cereal trend alert: old cereal, weird new shapes

Cereal manufacturers are experimenting with new shapes in some of their old cereals.

Fruity Pebbles on French toast.

Wednesday Cereal Bits #12

The return of an old favorite, an all-cereal cafe, and some ancient cereal.

Lucky Charms marshmallow featuring the all-seeing eye.

3 Alarming Cereal Conspiracies THEY Don’t Want You To Know About!

A disturbing list of cereal-related horrors that prove Big Cereal is out to kill you and your family in the name of profit!

General Mills' Delicious Debut line of retro cereal boxes.

They’re at it again! General Mills introduces more retro packaging

Five cereals spanning five decades will receive a makeover inspired by the year each product launched.

Wednesday Cereal Bits #11

Some interesting cereal recipes, one of which involves pork; two crafts you can make from cereal boxes; and a couple of weird things involving beer and David Letterman (though not necessarily at the same time).

Wednesday Cereal Bits #10

Cereal bracelets, GMOs, a “fix” for cereal dust, and two ways to combine your love of cereal and tea.

Photo of Froot Loops by Mandy Jansen.

CEREAL SCANDAL: Froot Loops is all one flavor!

According to Kellogg’s, all Froot Loops are flavored the same.

Bowl of Cheerios

Happy Belated Birthday to Cheerios!

Cheerios celebrates its 70th birthday and Forbes posts a list of interesting facts about the cereal.

A close up of the Cereal Killers packaging.

Cereal Killers trading cards

A new line of “Cereal Killer” trading cards mixes Wacky Packages with iconic horror images.

Cereal book covers.

Two new cereal books to check out

Two new cereal books should be hitting the shelves this year: Cereal: Snap, Crackle, Pop Culture by Ed Daly and The Great American Cereal Book by Marty Gitlin and Topher Ellis.