It’s here! National Cereal Day is upon us! I don’t know about you, but I celebrated by pouring a little bit from every cereal box in the cupboard into one bowl and eating it like some sort of modern Bigg Mixx. Oh yes.

How did you celebrate? How about celebrating with us by helping us determine the greatest cereal of all time (so far)! We’re starting March Madness a little early by introducing the first annual Cereal Fix’s Best Cereal Ever competition! We, eh, haven’t quite nailed down the name yet, but you get the idea.

In the spirit of not wanting to do a whole lot of work, we’ve already narrowed it down to the “sweet 16” (get it?). Here’s your bracket:

Cereal Fix 2014 Greatest Cereal March Madness Sweet 16 bracket

This is an idea I’ve had for years but never got around to doing. Finally, in 2014, I’ve managed to kind of follow up on it the only way I know how!

Voting will start sometime on Monday, if I remember. I’ll post some polls right here on the home page, and hopefully remind you to vote on Facebook and Twitter if you follow those accounts. We’ll tally up the results and by God, within a few days we’ll know what the best cereal is!

Can your heart stand the excitement?!

(P.S. Thanks to beketchai on Flickr for the “generic cereal” photo!)

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