So for whatever reason, I decided to look up Teddy Grahams Breakfast Bears Cereal commercials on YouTube today and stumbled across this:

The ad was memorable, and sort of silly, but I was wondering if there might be another, better-quality version of the commercial on YouTube. I saw another, similarly-titled video with a familiar thumbnail image. But herein lies the conspiracy: it was not the same commercial!

At least, not exactly. Watch for yourself:

Pretty similar, but notice anything different? The line "they stay crunchy in milk" was changed to "they’re scrumptious in milk."

Now, anyone who remembers actually eating Teddy Grahams Cereal can tell you that it most certainly did not, as the commercial claims, stay crunchy in milk. In fact, it instantly turned into a soggy mush (which, admittedly, is sort of what made it delicious). It was like literally pouring a box of Teddy Grahams into a bowl with milk.

Was this why the line was changed? Did Nabisco realize their cereal turned into a bowl of wet sand in a matter of seconds? Or did the Cap’n send some of his goons over to "protect" his rights to the stays-crunchy-in-milk terminology?

With Teddy Grahams Breakfast Bears now long extinct, we may never know.

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