Here’s a free idea for all you countless hundreds of cereal manufacturing bigwigs out there that obsessively check this blog every day: Pancake Crunch.

It’s no secret that condensing larger breakfast foods into tiny, bite-sized cereal pieces is a guaranteed formula for success. Take the following, for example…

  1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch—delicious. A classic, and definitely in my top five breakfast cereals.
  2. French Toast Crunch—delicious. an interesting twist on the above, and one of the “top five cereal shapes,” I’ve been told. Long gone (at least in America), and definitely missed!
  3. Cinnamon Mini Buns—delicious. Perhaps my most-missed of all the now-extinct cereals. I still have an oversized World of Nintendo poster hanging in my kitchen courtesy of a Cinnamon Mini Buns mail-in offer.
  4. Cinnabon Cereal (formerly Mini Swirlz)—delicious. Though it’s much harder, less sweet, and more cinnamon-y than its predecessor, in this post-Cinnamon-Mini-Buns world, you take what you can get!
  5. Waffle Crisp—delicious. Light, airy, maple-y, powdered-sugary goodness. And the only cereal made for children with octogenarian spokespersons. (Wilford Brimley is still in a league of his own.)
  6. Eggo Cereal—delicious. Again, doesn’t live up to the original, but all things considered? Not bad!
  7. Pop-Tarts Crunch—delicious. To be honest, I actually forgot this even existed until I went to scan in an image for this post and realized—amazingly—that I don’t have a box of Cinnamon Mini Buns. But come on, look at it; it was delicious.

As the hastily-gathered "data" shows, every cereal based on another, non-cereal breakfast food (if you can wrap your head around that) has been a smash hit by my standards, so why hasn’t anyone stepped up to the plate (heh) and invented a pancakes-themed cereal yet? Somebody start a petition; I’ll sign it!

Also, Post, if you’re listening? Here’s an idea just for you: team up with Hershey’s. Three words: Belgian Waffle Crisp.

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