Via, the Unicode Consortium—the governing body in charge of setting industry standards for encoding things, including, yes, emoji characters—has proposed this week a “shortlist of 51 emoji for acceptance in Unicode 10.” And one of the new food emojis on its way? Yes, cereal! (Page 4.)

The image above represents a kind of placeholder image proposed by Unicode as a rough guide for designers to try to keep the designs slightly standardized across platforms. Its final design will vary from device to device, but could probably become something simpler, like an ambiguous “bowl and spoon” symbol so that losers can use it to represent soup or something. But the Emoji Subcommittee themselves named the symbol “CEREAL” and noted that the symbol represents “BREAKFAST, bowl, breakfast, cereal, congee, granola, muesli, oatmeal, porridge,” and only that! No soup or potatoes or ice cream listed, so we’ll always know the truth. Also, apparently the cereal emoji was “frequently requested,” according to their document. And they try to say millennials aren’t eating cereal…

If accepted, the new emojis would be added to the Unicode standard in mid 2017, and it would be up to manufacturers to decide if and when to integrate them into their platforms. Be sure to keep refreshing this page consistently and repeatedly over the next six months to see the designs and implementations added in real time.

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