When we started this site a year ago, there was one rule: never, under any circumstances, use the pun “cereal killer.” Unfortunately, we had to break that rule today to announce a new line of trading cards we hope you’ll really like…

Cereal Killers is pretty much exactly what you’d think: cereal-themed Wacky Packages with a horror bent. Well, they’re not actually Wacky Packages, but they were inspired by them. In fact, Joe Simko, artist and creator of the series, worked on both Wacky Packages and Garbage Pail Kids for Topps before pitching his Cereal Killers idea to them as a new series. When Topps ultimately passed, he took the idea to Wax Eye, who just released the 55-card set this April.

The cards come in a neat package of three mini boxes which each include eyeball gum; a surprise toy; and special, limited-edition sketch cards, black-light cards, magnets, temporary tattoos, and fun stuff. A set of three boxes at Wax Eye will run you about $25.

Will you be buying a set? What were your favorite cereals from Wacky Packages?

Source: Strange Kids Club

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