Cocoa Puffs with Stars box detail I recently enjoyed some Cocoa Puffs with Stars (review forthcoming), which I bought knowing full well that it was the same-old Cocoa Puffs, but with some new shapes tossed in. I’m not complaining, because Cocoa Puffs are tasty. Lucky Charms has been doing this for decades, with much ado about new marshmallow shapes, even though they don’t really change the cereal itself all that much.

While at the grocery store recently, a box of Froot Loops caught my eye, something called “Froot Loops Bloopers.” Well, with a name like that, I had to get some. Not sure why they’re called “Bloopers,” it’s not like they misshapen factory seconds or something, they’re just shaped like spheres. I think a better name along the same lines might have been “Kellogg’s Oops! All Froot Loops,” but what do I know.

Froot Loops Bloopers cereal box detail Having now eaten them, they actually look and taste like what I remember Trix being like when I was a kid–but more on that later. Review forthcoming!

After grabbing the box, I noticed that, immediately to its right, there was another box of cereal with a new shape to it, something called Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes. There’s nothing really “Rice Krispies” about them, aside from the name and mascots on the box, but I’m not going to complain about a new cereal on the shelf. (And oh yes, you’d better believe review forthcoming!)

Unfortunately for Kellogg’s, whoever designed this cereal made some bizarre choices for the shapes of the cereal pieces. They’re classic cat food shapes! Here’s a closeup of the Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes box and a closeup of a bag of cat food:

Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes cat food comparison

Tell me: if it wasn’t for that charming little sprite Crackle smiling in the middle, could you tell which is which?

So what’s to make of all this? Nothing really, just an interesting trend. Or coincidence. Who knows! But I can’t help but think of this:

And speaking of which, Cereal Fix got a new look today! It’s fitting to announce here I suppose. Same old content, but we’ve got a new hat!

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