Potentially! General Mills and Nestle have joined forces to create a high-tech cereal research center in Switzerland to “create new developments in the nutrition, taste and quality of cereal.”

General Mills Inc. and Nestle S.A. opened an innovation center Tuesday for their joint venture, Cereal Partners Worldwide. … The companies said the center would make it much easier to collaborate across research and development facilities, regardless of location. General Mills is based in Minneapolis and Nestle is based in Switzerland.

Hmm, a super-secret, ultra-high-tech research facility in Switzerland, eh? Sounds familiar. Here’s hoping they don’t create a cereal so delicious it destroys the fabric of space and time, sucking us all into a black hole. And don’t laugh! Have you ever tasted the earth-shattering deliciousness of General Mills Berry Berry Kix? It could happen!

Source: Bloomberg. LHC photo by markhillary on Flickr.

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