A lot of us have fantasized of being a taste tester for a major food corporation, and Emerald Pabros is living the dream as a cereal tester at General Mills. Could life get any better? Just listen to this:

[Pabros] takes a single square of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and places it carefully on one of the molars on the right side of her mouth and bites down carefully, feeling the piece crunch and savoring the cinnamon goodness.

And she gets paid for this!

Cooler still, this isn’t necessarily something you’d need to have any particular qualifications for. Any General Mills employee is allowed to take a course and become an official taste tester for the company:

General Mills employees from all departments, from finance to warehousing, are welcome to be part of the team that methodically and scientifically tastes the various cereals churned out in Covington.

The sensory training class isn’t that long, about an hour or two, and if they choose, employees can even make taste-testing a regular part of their job.

The company encourages workers to get involved, because having people from every chain in the cereal production process brings more expertise to the table. So, on the rare occasion where a cereal’s taste may be off, a worker with a specific department may be able to identify more quickly if the problem is occurring in his division, said Packaging Technician Carlos Miller, a taste- testing team leader.

It’s enough to make me want to move to Georgia!

Read the full job description at Covington News.

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