Discovery Channel’s Treehugger blog recently posted a list of the “10 Healthiest Cereals” if you’re into that kind of thing. (Not me. Bring on the sugar! More artificial coloring! More, I say!) The cereals they picked are also the “greenest” cereals, and I know what they meant, but that just sounds gross.

The list seems particularly relevant as a study by U.K. researchers has recently shown that cereal with milk is the “healthiest breakfast choice.”

Individuals who start the day off with a good breakfast of cereal and milk have a lower fat and higher carbohydrate intake during the day compared to those who skip breakfast. … The researchers concluded breakfast cereal consumed with milk was associated with significantly better macronutrient composition.

Finally, some justice! Anyway, Treehugger’s list is made up of the usual fare: Me & Goji, Bear Naked , Barbara’s Puffins, but their number one choice? Bob’s Red Mill Organic Steel Cut Oats. Come on! You can’t make a list ranking nothing but cold cereals, then list an oatmeal in the #1 spot. Honestly!

Check out the whole list (except for the last entry) at Treehugger.

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