Yes, by now you’ve probably all heard that General Mills is doing another promotion with an all-marshmallows box of Lucky Charms. And while you can technically already buy boxes of all-marshmallow cereal, or even just bags of cereal marshmallows, let’s face it—there’s something to Lucky Charms marshmallows that the imitators just can’t quite reproduce.

But unlike last year, where they apparently made only something like three boxes and intentionally snubbed certain people by deciding to give them only to lesser, competing cereal blogs—ahem—they’ve made a few more this time around, and apparently you—yes, you!—can win one. How? By buying boxes of regular Lucky Charms!

According to Investopedia, each box of Lucky Charms will have a code inside that you can enter into a special website,, to see if you’ve won an all-marshmallow box.

And if you happen to be one of the lucky winners, maybe you can be a lamb and bless your favorite, long-running, superior cereal blog with a box for review and archival purposes. Eh? Eh? All right then.

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