An unintentionally-funny, if unsurprising, article from U.S. News & World Report says a new study has proven what we’ve assumed all along: fun mascots make cereal taste better!

Well, not really. What the study says is that kids, tasting two identical cereals with different packaging, thought that the cereal with the cartoon character on the box tasted better. Also interesting:

"Surprisingly, the kids were also influenced by the product name: When there were no cartoons on either box, they rated Healthy Bits as better-tasting than Sugar Bits. That suggests healthy-eating messages may finally be resonating."

Amongst it all is a great quote:

"Take these cartoon characters and put them on high-fiber, low-sugar cereals, and target them to children," registered dietitian Keri Gans told HealthDay. "This should be an opportunity for food manufacturers who are concerned about the obesity epidemic in our youth to get them to choose healthier cereals."

Why is it taking people this long to finally come up with this? Stop trying to destroy our favorite cereals and just make the healthier alternatives more fun!

Read the full article at U.S. News & World Report.

Photo via Robert Bradley (rjbradley2) on Flickr.

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