Buffalo Sabres and Olympic Team USA goalie Ryan Miller has announced the production of Ryan Miller’s Kick-Save Krunch, his own brand of a honey-nut, toasted oat cereal.

Miller expressed his enthusiasm at press conference on Thursday, saying:

"I’m excited about the release of Kick-Save Krunch, and hopefully plenty of sports fans in Western New York will make the cereal a part of their breakfast routine."

The cereal is available in 14-ounce boxes and is sale now at a number of Buffalo-area retailers (including Wegmans and Wilson Farms), and can also be purchased nation wide through online retailer PLB Sports for about $5 per box.

Proceeds from sales of Kick-Save Krunch will benefit The Steadfast Foundation, a non-profit organization started by Miller and devoted to "assisting those afflicted and affected by the consequences of cancer, and especially childhood forms of the disease."

Source: NHL.com

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