Just a few interesting, cereal-related links, like so many marshmallows in a sea of non-lucky-charm Lucky Charms cereal pieces…

  • 111 — Cool Froot Loops photo. [Flickr]
  • no bowl neededAnother cool Froot Loops photo. It’s an inspiring cereal. [Flickr]
  • ‘Idiot’ driver eats breakfast at the wheel of her car — “A WOMAN photographed eating her breakfast during peak-hour traffic has been branded an idiot by police.” [Herald Sun]
  • 25 Just Awful Cereal Concepts — Mostly odd promotional cereals (Kiss Krunch) and cereals with weird names (Cap’n Crunch’s Oops! All Berries). A lot of padding; a good chunk were actually pretty cool—certainly far from “awful.” [Holy Taco]

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