The American Association of Cereal Chemists International Student Product Development Competition, or The AACCISPDC for short, challenged Wisconsin Students to develop a new, original food product consisting of one cereal product as the main ingredient. Each team prepared a report discussing the product description, target market and processing/packaging procedures.

Team “Granote – Sorghum Tisane” from Kansas State University took first place and a prize of $2,550,  developing a fat-free grain tea made with cracked red sorghum rosted and combined with a dried pineapple and orange fruit mix.

Second place went to “The BETA Fruit Bar”The University of Manitoba team, created a dual-layer prebiotic fruit bar that included prebioted beta-glucan and apple pomace for moisture, flavor and nutritive value.

I certainly hope one of the top cereal manufacturers gets word of this contest, because I’ve been waiting YEARS to finally have a cracked red sorghum cereal that was both fat-free and combined with an orange fruit mix.

via Wisconsin Agriculturist

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