Wednesday Cereal Bits #7

This week featuring: a cereal wedding cake recipe; OK, Go on the Honey Bunches of Oats sitcom; cereal aphrodisiacs; and a host of others!

Pee-wee Chow: the Greatest Cereal Never Made?

Pee-wee Herman actor/creator Paul Reubens discusses Pee-wee Chow, a cereal that was this close to being produced by Purina.

Lucky the Leprechaun in 3-D

Lucky the Leprechaun makes the switch from traditional, hand-drawn animation to a computer-rendered model for his latest Lucky Charms commercial.

Kids: Cartoon Characters Make Cereal Taste Better

An unintentionally-funny, if unsurprising, new study finally proves what we’ve know all along: fun mascots make cereal taste better! Sort of.

The Official T-shirt of Breakfast

Designer Philip Tseng created this cool shirt with his “photovector” process, a method he describes as a “mixed media of photo and vector.”

Wednesday Cereal Bits #6

This week featuring: a revealing look at Special K; cereal box cancer; thousands of terrible lists; and a host of others!

Designing the Croonchy Stars Cereal Box

Designer Stephen Longo discusses the process of designing the box for Croonchy Stars, the Swedish Chef-endorsed Post breakfast cereal.

The Secret History of Cereal Giants

How differing business strategies gave Kellogg the lead during the Great Depression, and pushed Post into the background.

Wednesday Cereal Bits #5

This week featuring: monster cereal editorials; some cereal graffiti; another stupid cereal list; and a host of others!

Healthy Cereal Update!

Discovery Channel’s Treehugger blog recently posted a list of the “10 Healthiest Cereals” if you’re into that kind of thing. (Not me. Bring on the sugar! More artificial coloring! More, I say!) The cereals they picked are also the “greenest” cereals, and I know what they meant, but that just sounds gross. The list seems