Wednesday Cereal Bits #4

This week featuring: eating cereal and driving; a lousy, lazily-compiled list; Froot Loops photography; and a host of others!

General Mills & Nestle Team Up to Destroy Universe

Potentially! General Mills and Nestle have joined forces to create a high-tech cereal research center in Switzerland to “create new developments in the nutrition, taste and quality of cereal.” General Mills Inc. and Nestle S.A. opened an innovation center Tuesday for their joint venture, Cereal Partners Worldwide. … The companies said the center would make

Wednesday Cereal Bits #3

This week featuring: cereal photos; discontinued cereals; and a host of others!

The Greatest Job on Earth

A lot of us have fantasized of being a taste tester for a major food corporation, and Emerald Pabros is living the dream as a cereal tester at General Mills. Could life get any better? Just listen to this: takes a single square of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and places it carefully on one of

Kellogg’s to Launch Cereal, Crush Dreams

Watch out, Schonach, Germany! And Sugarcreek, Ohio! And other places throughout Germany, Argentina, Japan, and the United States that are home to potentially Guiness World Record-holding, oversized cuckoo clocks. Kellogg’s has a new cereal, and the only way to make you eat it is to destroy your hometown pride. Kellogg’s has announced that it’s promoting

Honeycomb Puffs: Cool or Terrifying?

Honeycomb Puffs is a new, limited-edition cereal that’s being released in the UK soon by HM Foods. Living in the United States, I don’t typically follow the goings-on of cereal manufacturers overseas, but when I hear the words “limited edition” and “cereal,” there’s no stopping me. Anyway, aside from wishing I could have a bowl,

Wednesday Cereal Bits #2

This week featuring: eating cereal for charity; Wendell: replaced; cereal/wine pairings; and a host of others!

Wednesday Cereal Bits

This week featuring: blueberry pomegranate cereal conspiracy; a hip Quaker Oats man; spiders in Raisin Bran; and a host of others!

The Best Cereal Fix Google Search Terms (This Month)

My curiosity got the best of me this morning and I checked our Google analytics data to see what search keywords were being used to drive traffic to Cereal Fix. Amongst some of the more mundane ones you might expect, such as “trader joes cereal list” and “is corn flakes low in sugar,” I came

Light-up Cereal Boxes.. Powered by Induction! W@W!

Fulton Innovation has created cereal boxes which can illuminate in stages to create an eye-catching effect, all powered by induction! Check it out for yourself: