I really don’t understand the flavor of this cereal. It claims to taste like [Alien] Berry Punch, but I am not familiar this this particular flavor, nor can I taste anything besides artificial colors and chemicals in the cereal itself. It sure is ALIEN to me, EH? I give it a 3 for uniqueness alone.

The marshmallow pieces in this cereal are very sweet, but the oat pieces are absolutely devoid of any sweetness or flavor.

Where this cereal lacks flavor it makes up for in crunch.

This cereal fucking looks awesome. If you don’t think so, you probably like Raisin Bran or something shitty and lame like that. The only thing that could possibly improve this would be to shape the oat pieces like alien heads.

Though the aliens themselves are poorly drawn and raise a lot of questions (Why is Snappit in a space suit? Shouldn’t aliens be able to survive in space without one? Why do they have such horribly shitty names? Were these characters a result of a 7th grade art class project?) the packaging is still 100% awesome and sweet as shit. PLUS: it comes with A FREE PRIZE inside, which is a 2-pack of ALIEN BERRY PUNCH FLAVORED OAT CEREAL themed temporary tattoos.

This was the weirdest cereal I’ve had in a while. The cereal consists of yellow marshmallow stars, brown oat puffs, blue alien shapes, and a bizarre Cookie Crisp-style discus. It’s a good snack as a dry cereal, but once exposed to milk, the ingredients seem to break down and deteriorate into a frothy foam-like substance that isn’t very desirable. Even still, I ate it because it seemed cool and I liked the shapes.

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Alien Berry Punch Flavored Oat Cereal Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 4 / 10

  • I’v seen this stuff at Smith’s an been interested. It’s cheap, so I may check it out one of these days.

  • mine did not have a prize inside and this cereal copies something from every cereal purple parts cookie crisp orange parts coca puffs and marsh mellows are like raisins in raisin bran but instead its 2 scoops of marshmellows