Very cinnamony, but it definitely still has an apple flavor under it all, and a much stronger one than Apple Cinnamon Cheerios at that (till now, the gold standard in apple cinnamon cereals).

Apple Cinnamon Chex are on the sweet side, but still hold back a bit (in a good way). If 1 was Corn Flakes and 10 was Cap’n Crunch, Apple Cinnamon Chex is a 6.

Not Crunchy at all, unless you’re eating them dry. The cereal pieces go limp once you pour milk on them, though they do have a tiny little bit of snap to them. They don’t quite get soggy, as they don’t feel like they’re going to fall apart, and the texture is actually kind of pleasant.

Like Reese’s Puffs, there are two distinct types of cereal in the box: some Chex pieces are dark and cinnamon-coated, the others are a light, traditional Chex. It makes it visually interesting in what would otherwise be a boring “adult” cereal.

Tempted to give it a 3, but the bright green box front was appealing, and I liked the other flavors lined up on the side; if they wrote “collect them all” over the top I’d probably have to go out and buy the rest. The entire box back is a bunch of gluten-free garbage nobody wants to read about. If you want gluten free cereal, all you need to see is the “gluten free” banner on the front—whatever they have to say on the back, you probably could have told them.

A good cereal that I’d like to eat again, but don’t see myself getting nostalgic over twenty years from now; Apple Cinnamon Chex lived up to my expectations, but didn’t necessarily exceed them.

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Apple Cinnamon Chex Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 7 / 10