The flavor—well, it tastes good. It doesn’t taste like apple, of course, but we eat what we like.

The texture is great, because cereal marshmallows always have a great, crunchy texture. The cereal pieces have a good texture too, though they do get limp fairly quickly.

Colorful. As you can imagine, it basically seems to be catering to those of us who consider ourselves connoisseurs of mixing cereals and cuts out the middleman–whatever that is–and just mixes it in the box.

The packaging–I never bought into the angry apple and Rastafarian cinnamon stick characters as Apple Jacks mascots. Even though they’ve been around for ten years or something, they still seem like a temporary experiment and I’m expecting them to not be on the package next week (but they will be).

What is there to say, really? If you’ve had Apple Jacks, you know what the cereal tastes like; if you’ve had Lucky Charms, you know what the marshmallows taste like. It may not be innovative, but the combination works surprisingly well together.

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Apple Jacks with Marshmallows Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 8 / 10