Note: this is the second half of a two-part review! Be sure to read the Superman cereal review!

Based on looks alone, the Batman cereal is a clear winner. Even though we’ve seen little bat-shaped cereal pieces before, they easily beat out the vague, miscolored “Superman Symbol” pentagon shapes of the Superman cereal. Also, they turn the milk dark—like Batman.

The Batman cereal packaging, too, comes out ahead. Even though the packages are virtually identical, aside from which character’s logo is more prominent, the back of the boxes are a different story. Here, the Batman cereal features some trivia questions (about Batman and Superman), as opposed to the appropriately-lame list of super-heroic qualities on the back of the Superman box, with no interactivity whatsoever. Yawn. But! There is a big caveat: I’ve searched every inch of the box—the bottom flap, side panels, inside the box, and turned it upside-down—and there are no answers to the trivia questions anywhere in sight! Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

Texture-wise, Batman cereal seems pretty identical to the Superman one. They both have a nice enough crunch, and are coated in some kind of powdery flavor stuff.

Taste-wise though, I think the Superman cereal is the winner here. I like chocolate and strawberry, and this is an actually good tasting chocolate and strawberry cereal—a combination I can’t remember having in a cereal before—and claims to do it without artificial flavors, which is doubly impressive. But the Superman cereal is just a little better. A little simpler maybe? Or maybe I’m just getting older.

So then who is the winner? Well, if we’re talking the movie, I don’t know because I never saw it, but I would guess they both find out in the end that friendship is more important. If we’re talking which superhero is better, clearly Batman is way more interesting and exciting. But as for cereals! Well, it comes down to which cereal I’d want to eat again, and with that criteria I’d have to say the winner is Superman cereal! It may not have what it takes in the packaging and visuals department, but when it came to flavor Superman knocked it out of the park (as you’d expect him to), and for that I have to give him the win.

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Batman v Superman: Batman Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 7 / 10