As frequent readers of my bio page will know, Berry Berry Kix is on my top 5 list of cereals. Now, when I made that list, Berry Berry Kix was pretty much off the market, and mostly a fond childhood memory. I hadn’t seen it in stores since I was a kid. It’s been back on shelves for awhile now, though, and I can’t have a cereal on a top-5 list and not review it! So that’s just what I did:

It tastes pretty much how I remember Berry Berry Kix tasting, but maybea little weaker—though it’s been so long, it’s hard to remember for sure. There is a definite “Kix” taste in there and a bit of fruitiness mixed in. Not as fruity as some other cereals—the flavor is comparable to Fruity Pebbles, but much less strong. With Kix, it kind of works though.

Berry Berry Kix is sweet, but not too sweet. It doesn’t seem any sweeter than regular Kix, which is pretty mild compared to, say, Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Count Chocula. Still, sometimes that’s what you’re looking for, and it can hold its own.

The cereal stays sort of crunchy in milk. It has a weird outer layer that gets soggy after it sits in milk for awhile, but it somehow protects an inner core of crunchiness so there’s still a bit of “snap” to it for quite awhile longer. Impressive, really. But with all one shape for the pieces, it loses a bit of the textural diversity (industry term) that it once enjoyed.

Yes, us old folks remember a time not too long before our own when Berry Berry Kix were shaped like berry berries. That is to say, at one time it looked really cool, because it had brightly-colored, berry-shaped pieces mixed in with traditional Kix—it looked like two totally different cereals mixed in the bowl together, and it worked. These days, aesthetically, it’s okay. If this was a review of the original Berry Berry Kix, I’d say it was a “10.” Now it’s all one single, regular Kix-shape, and the colors are pretty muted. Kind of disappointing.

The original Berry Berry Kix is on my personal list of top 5 cereals, and overall it’s still a pretty good cereal, and I can’t complain. But compared to what it once was, with just a slight change in shape, it really does feel like it’s missing something!

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Berry Berry Kix Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 8 / 10

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