There is barely any flavor to this cereal. I was shocked how bland it was when I ate a handful straight from the box, but thought maybe the milk would “activate” it. What little flavor there is is of the distinct “off-brand fruit cereal” variety. You’ve tasted it.

In addition to not having much flavor, it’s not even sweet, either. I mean, at all. “Lightly sweetened” would be an accurate description, a quality you might look for in coffee, but in a children’s cereal? Not likely. What little sweetness there was seemed to accumulate into the last mouthful at the bottom of the bowl.

For something with “O’Krunch” in the title, you’d think Berry Bunch O’Krunch would be pretty crisp, but it instantly turned to mush, and that is not an exaggeration. It has been about three minutes since I poured milk in the bowl and it’s almost the consistency of oatmeal. Considering they’re imitating a cereal famous for “[staying] crunchy even in milk,” this is particularly upsetting.

Regarding aesthetics, here I will give Berry Bunch O’Krunch a passing, though not stellar, grade. The cereal is very pale when first poured into the bowl, but the milk seems to deeply enrich the colors in the “berry” pieces, which are red, green, blue, and purple. The cereal shapes are nothing special, and even make the classic Cap’n Crunch pieces seem exciting by comparison.

Berry Bunch O’Krunch commits the cardinal sin of off- and store-brand cereals, which is having the image from the front of the box repeated on the back. The box front isn’t even that fun—not even a poorly-drawn cartoon animal or wizard or anything, just an overhead shot of the cereal in a bowl on a yellow-orange gradient. Worse still, the side of the box opposite the nutrition information is totally blank aside from the Family Gourmet logo, the words “Berry Bunch O’Krunch Sweetened Corn & Oats Cereal” and a “money back guarantee” at the very bottom. There is a good ten inches of literal white space that could have been filled with anything!

I typically have a soft spot for off-brand cereals, but this was just a poor experience all around. I did give an extra point, however, because 15 ounces of Berry Bunch O’Krunch costs a little over half the price of a box of Cap’n Crunch with Crunch Berries (of the same weight). The real stuff is definitely worth the extra expense!

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Berry Bunch O’Krunch Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 2 / 10