I can sum up the flavor of Cap’n Crunch in 3 words: bland, sharp, sugar.

This cereal is almost too sugary sweet for me, and I feel like I am developing diabetes by my fourth bite.

Capn’ Crunch lives up to the tagline “Stays crunchy…even in milk.” In fact, it is so crunchy that it is capable of cutting the roof of your mouth. Luckily, I am really into shredding my soft palate so this is a definite 10.

The yellow hay-bale type shapes aren’t that appealing, especially in milk. If only there were some sort of brightly-colored, crunchy berries to spice things up…

This box features the retro “throwback” theme, which I am very into. There are also collectible trading cards on the back of the box with crazy characters! WOW!

If Guy Fieri was reviewing this cereal, he would say the following: “This cereal takes you on a sugary ride straight into crunch town.” If you are craving a highly sugary snack, go for the box of Cap’n Crunch. If you want a satisfying cereal, go elsewhere.

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Cap’n Crunch Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 3 / 10

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  • Not sure I agree with this review. “Bland?!” Cap’n Crunch is one of the all-time bests. ALL TIME BESTS.

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