Let’s not kid ourselves—what they should have named it was “Hipster Cheerios.” I know, even calling people “hipster” is passe now, but that’s clearly who they’re targeting. All they’re missing is some kale and, I don’t know, a free beard comb inside. I kid!

But anyway, as for the cereal itself, the taste is good. Nothing too exciting, but good. It’s a mix of different things, and you can taste the difference between most of them, surprisingly. Having said that, I have to question the whole “ancient grains” aspect of this. The two puffed cereal pieces—supposedly two different grains—both taste like puffed rice; basically unsweetened Sugar Smacks. The clusters taste like fairly standard cereal clusters. And the Cheerios themselves are basically just Multi-Grain Cheerios. In fact, this might very well just be a repackaged version of the “Honey Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch” cereal that came out a few years ago for all I know!

The cereal itself doesn’t seem that sweet when eating it, but once it’s gone, the milk at the bottom of the bowl does. It’s odd, but kind of cool.

Texture-wise, there’s a bit of a crunch to it, but not much, much like any other variety of Cheerios. The two puffed things of course aren’t crunchy at all, and even the granola-like clusters don’t have much crunch to them, I think in part because the clusters are so small. They’re so small that all the clusters pool at the bottom—meaning your first six bowls have virtually none, then the last two or three are 30% clusters (and then you can detect a bit of crunch in them).

All that said, none of this is really a negative, it’s just not a crunchy cereal if that’s what you’re looking for.

Visually, it looks pretty good. There is a lot of variety in shapes, sizes, and colors going on—and even though the colors are mostly just different shades of brown, it all works together. It’s a nice, fairly natural-looking mix of stuff.

So really, without the packaging itself, I’d never know there was really anything “Ancient Grains” about it. In fact, one of the supposed ancient grains is labeled “KAMUT” with a big trademark symbol after it on the box. Trademarked?! How ancient could it really be?

Overall, it’s not a bad cereal, I just feel like I’ve just had Cheerios + Ancient Grains before under a few different names.

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Cheerios + Ancient Grains Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 7 / 10