A very good, rich flavor. Cereal pieces themselves quite comparable to Count Chocula. Marshmallows are of the standard Lucky Charms variety, though, so the cereal overall has less of a chocolate flavor.

Fairly sweet, but not as sweet as you might expect from a chocolate, marshmallow-filled breakfast cereal.

The cereal softens up a bit, but still retains some crunchiness after sitting in milk. The marshmallows also have that delightful snap that makes them great.

The colorful marshmallows really stand out against the dark-brown, chocolate cereal pieces. Definitely more fun than regular Lucky Charms.

The front of the box is good, with every variety of marshmallow bit (or marbit!) in all its enlarged-to-show-texture glory. Lucky’s looking a little weird, but whatever. The back of the box has an interesting, but not too thrilling, activity that lets you pretend you’re a Junior V.P. of Marketing for General Mills (or perhaps a Cereal Fix editor!) by creating a new Lucky Charms slogan. You’re supposed to pick charms out of the box at random and place them on the back of the box to create it, but if you’re lazy like me you can just pick whichever ones you want. “It reminds me of the dreamiest, magically, super-yummy flavor quest to delight in in a bowl.” Huh…

Overall, a surprisingly good cereal considering it’s such an obvious idea. Chocolate Lucky Charms!

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Chocolate Lucky Charms Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 8 / 10