The flavor of Cinnamon Crunch is intense. It’s cinnamon. It’s crunch. But it’s missing something… I can’t help but compare this to Cinnamon TOAST Crunch, which is infinitely more sugary and pops a little more extra flavor.

Each serving contains 8g of sugar, which seems fairly low considering how sugary it tastes. It’s pretty sweet, but I would PREFER it to to be sweeter.

On its own, the oat squares are fairly crunchy. When you add milk to the cereal, however, the sog factor definitely takes hold and the crunch becomes more of a muted munch.

Love how these squares look. Just look at them. The ridges, the curvature, the flakes of cinnamon.. I love it! I like to think the squares are sprayed in some sort of milk-resistant coating that tries to keep them from becoming soggy. It’s sort of effective..

I have an issue with this packaging. I don’t like how there are two terribly-drawn cartoon children popping out from behind the Cascadian Farms logo, and I am led to believe one of those little shits had to leave their mark and scribbled “KIDS” in red crayon beneath it. Why is this cereal for kids only? Are adults suddenly rendered unable to process the flavor of both cinnamon and crunch? I am giving this a 0 because they use Comic Sans all over the side and rear panels.

I am a few grams of sugar away from saying that I love this cereal. I really LIKE this cereal, but would like it more if they just upped the cinnamon/sugar/crunch factor just a bit. It’s still a really delicious snack and a great “healthy” alternative to Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

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Cinnamon Crunch Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 8 / 10