Yes, this is an odd one; part of a weird trend to release the same old cereals with slightly different shaped pieces. Still, Cocoa Puffs with Stars is worth mentioning. After all, it’s “orbiting Earth for a limited time only.” I don’t know.

It has a very chocolaty taste, and not in a gross, artificial way. Even though it’s probably artificial. Cocoa Puffs used to proudly proclaim on the front of the box that they were made with Hershey’s chocolate, but no more! I guess they realized that everyone else thinks that Hershey’s chocolate tastes like poison.

Visually, the little stars are kind of cool, but you have to really look for them—all the pieces are the same color, and they just kind of blend in together. Not really sure what the significance of the stars is. I guess the regular puffs could vaguely resemble meteors or something. Odd, but neat.

This is a very sweet cereal! You could eat this for dessert (and I have).

This is also a pretty crunchy cereal, and it stays that way even after its been sitting in milk for awhile. Bravo!

Packaging—I admit, I knew full well going in that this was going to be regular Cocoa Puffs, and that I was mostly buying it just because of the big “limited edition!” message on the front. But regardless, there’s some stuff to do and read on the back, which is all I ask for, and I like the idea of Sonny being in space for whatever reason.

Overall, it’s tasty, but the star shaped pieces don’t really add a whole lot—certainly nothing to get excited over as a “limited time only” kind of deal. Still, it’s Cocoa Puffs, and Cocoa Puffs are delicious and leave you with a bowl full of chocolate milk after. Thumbs up!

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Cocoa Puffs with Stars Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 8 / 10

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