Interestingly, you can actually taste the distinct corn and rice flavors–not at the same time, but if you think of Corn Flakes while eating it, it tastes like Corn Flakes, and if you think of Rice Krispies, it tastes like Rice Krispies.

This is another not-at-all-sweet-in-a-good-way cereal.

True to its name, actually stays pretty crispy in milk. This may be because of its unusually-thin structure. I remembered this cereal as being more Chex-like, but haven’t eaten it since I was a kid. It’s definitely similar to Chex, but the cereal pieces somehow seem less substantial. That’s not a bad thing–just different.

It does, admittedly, get soggy, like other cereals of its nature, but even then it retains certain crisp bites now and then.

It’s a pretty visually-interesting cereal too, for a boring, adult thing. The pieces are hexagonal and half yellow, half tan to indicate which side is made of which cereal type.

Tasty, unique, crispy, looks cool… this is like the transitional cereal you eat when you become an adult.

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Crispix Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 8 / 10

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