Mild cinnamon flavor, but only compared to intense cinnamon cereals like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Actually seems like a good, reasonable amount. For such a small cereal, it sits pretty heavy once you’ve finished a bowl—though granted, that may be because of the salad bowl-style servings I was eating (see below). Not complaining.

Lightly sweet, not cloying. You can taste the actual cereal flavor, which is good.

Nice texture, kind of the way I remember something like Waffle Crisp being—dense but airy, if that makes sense. (It doesn’t, but it’s good.)

Tiny little pieces—star shaped!—have the Cap’n Crunch cut-the-roof-of-your-mouth feel to them. They kind of stick together on the spoon, and because they’re so small you can fit a few thousand of them on in one go.

There’s a bit of an illusion or something going on, too: the cereal pieces, as mentioned, are tiny, but the box itself is huge. My brain can’t quite make sense of the scale of it, so I always end up pouring an enormous bowl. Again, not complaining.

While I’m normally against adding anything into a bowl of cereal (unless you’re practicing the ancient art of mixing cereals), the box mentioned that Dora the Explorer Cereal + Banana = !Delicioso!, and I felt I had a journalistic obligation to test that claim. It wasn’t until after I cut up the banana and put it in the cereal that I realized they didn’t even say to mix them, and might have been just suggesting to eat a banana alongside a bowl of cereal (in fact, the bowl on the front of the box had strawberries cut up in it), but by then it was too late. Verdict: as always, not putting something in the cereal won out. A whole banana in a bowl of cereal was too much, and definitely overpowered the cereal, both in taste and texture. And you have to put the whole thing in; to just put half in and eat the other half would be redundant. On a smaller scale, I think Dora + Banana would = !Delicioso!, but we may never know.

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Dora the Explorer Cereal Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 8 / 10