Froot Loops Bloopers. When I saw the box sitting on the shelf, I had to try it. You’d think with a name like that they’d be hideously misshapen, factory-second, reject cereal pieces being sold in bulk packaging at Big Lots or something, but it’s just a fun new shape I guess.

My initial reaction is that this looks and tastes exactly like Trix used to. Yes, kids, Trix were spherical before they were fruit shapes&mash;they didn’t change the shape, they changed the shape back! Anyway, that said, the more I ate it, the more “Froot Loops” I could taste, to the extent that, by the end of the bowl, I could basically tell it was just Froot Loops in a different shape. So am I just misremembering Trix, or did they used to taste more like Froot Loops? Or do they still taste like Froot Loops? It’s been awhile since I’ve had Trix, apparently!

As with regular Froot Loops, this, too, is a pretty sweet cereal. And yes, it still has that delightful “butter” flavor I talked about in the regular Froot Loops review. Good stuff!

The texture is nice and is pleasant to bite into. It’s not exactly crunchy&mash;they’re too airy, like a Cheetos type of texture or something. They seem to keep this texture pretty well once milk is added, too.

This cereal is very pretty to look at. The pieces are nice and big, and very colorful&mash;artificially, of course, but nonetheless. What I really appreciate is that there are multiple tones for each color. There’s a bright green and a lighter, greenish-yellow color, light and dark blue, red, reddish-purple… And the colors aren’t quite the typical “neon” versions you’d expect in a cereal either; some of them are a bit dark, or some are more on the pale side. Really different&mash;I like it!

Packaging? It’s all right. Nothing to differentiate it from regular Froot Loops, really, other than the word “Bloopers” on the front.

So yes, all around, the bottom line is that this is just Froot Loops without the “Loops.” I’m not sure why this exists, but heck, I’d get it again. It looks good, it tastes good, and it’s got the word “Bloopers” on the box. These are all good things.

Update: while researching for this review, I discovered, via a previously-unwatched commercial, that “bloopers” are supposed to be some kind of fruit-flavored space junk. So apparently this is yet another cereal that they just took, changed the shape, and gave a space theme for no apparent reason. And why they decided to name them with a word that already exists and is used to describe a goofy accident, I have no idea. Well, whatever! Bloopers for all!

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Froot Loops Bloopers Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 8 / 10

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