Flavor is very mild, in a good way. There is some cinnamon, but it’s not especially strong (and luckily, not overpowering). It’s pleasant, but nothing about it really screams “cinnamon roll,” but at least we have one more cereal contributing to the great cinnamon roll-flavored cereal tradition started by the sorely-missed Cinnamon Mini Buns back in the early ’90s.

It is a little sweet, and comparable to most other varieties of Frosted Mini-Wheats. It’s sweet without feeling like your teeth are going to fall out. Most of the sugar seem to soak into the milk, so you have milder cereal sitting in a sweet milk broth. That sounds grosser than it actually is.

There is no crunch; the little wheat pillows immediately become soggy once they’ve sat in milk for ten seconds. That’s not a bad thing though, at least not to me; combined with the shreddiness, it really makes for a nice texture overall.

I’m not sure what makes these “Little Bites” any different from regular Mini-Wheats, since they appear to be the same size as always. As mentioned, the sweetness kind of dissolves off the cereal and into the milk, and this is actually visible as the frosted wheats visually transform into regular shredded wheat once your pour milk on them.

Scoring some points on the packaging here because it includes three games on the back, I actually had to dock some when I realized the pop quiz on the side was for “mom” and had lame questions like “what’s the best way to encourage math skills at home?” You’re already devoted the top half of the back of the box to mom with the ridiculous “whole grain fiber” stuff, don’t take away the side, too!

I’ve never had a bad shredded wheats experience, and Frosted Mini-Wheats Cinnamon Roll Little Bites are no exception. A tasty addition to its family.

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Frosted Mini-Wheats Cinnamon Roll Little Bites Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 7 / 10