Fruity Whirls has that same indistinct off-brand fruity flavor I’ve mentioned in other reviews. It’s not great, but it’s there. Unfortunately, while the “natural fruit flavor” of Froot Loops seemed mild, too, it also had a pleasant, almost-buttery aftertaste that made me want more, and Fruity Whirls lack this quality.

This cereal tastes much sweeter than actual Froot Loops. I didn’t compare sugar content, but I’d be willing to bet Family Gourmet is masking the lack of flavor in this cereal by adding more sugar. These suspicions become greater still upon inspecting the “whirls.” (See notes on aesthetics.)

Straight from the box, they are surprisingly crisper than actual Froot Loops, but they get much, much soggier (and gluier!) after sitting in milk for a bit. Additionally, while Froot Loops weren’t all that crunchy to begin with, it was their light, airy quality that made them satisfying, a quality which Fruity Whirls lacks.

The exact same colors as Kellogg’s Froot Loops, but much paler when you pour them into the bowl because the pieces are so dusted with sugar. I found several pieces with a literal clear, hard film of sugar spanning the whirl’s hole! Interestingly, like Berry Bunch O’Krunch, some of the colors the colors get much, much richer after you pour milk on it.

Just as lousy, ugly, and un-fun as all the other Family Gourmet cereals. At least some stores, when selling their own brand of cereals, put a cartoon character on the box, however poorly drawn, but Family Gourmet is really pushing the ugly, red-orange-to-yellow gradient aesthetic for some reason. Their loss, as I am deducting eight points, plus an additional point for repeating the box’s front image on its back, PLUS another point for leaving their non-nutrition side panel completely blank!

Overall, not great. Though it may seem unfair to some that this review is mostly comparisons to Froot Loops (rather than letting Fruity Whirls stand on its own merits), the fact is, these store brands are touted as seamless replacements for the big brands, and while it’s not stamped “compare-to Kellogg’s Froot Loops” on the package, that’s probably only because you can’t; there’s no comparison, Froot Loops is delicious, and Fruity Whirls is not.

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Fruity Whirls Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 2 / 10