It’s like eating graham crackers with oats and honey. The flavors are so rich and distinct, there is no other cereal it can even be compared to.

Honey Graham Oh’s! are very sweet. Pleasantly sweet, though, not offensively so.

This is the type of cereal that drowns out all other noise when you eat it. People can hear you eating Honey Graham Oh’s! in neighboring counties.

Each piece has tiny little oats jammed into the hole. I can’t imagine any way of accomplishing that aside from having hundreds of sweatshop workers stuffing oats into each Honey Graham Oh’s! hole for pennies a week. If this cereal tasted worse, I’d have a problem with that.

The packaging: not great, but better than what you’d find on, say, a “healthy” cereal, or a store-brand box. There was a time when the cereal was geared specifically towards kids (as opposed to just anyone) and would even give away prizes. I still have one of their miniature, green, plastic, water-squiring cameras around here somewhere…

Hands down, no greater cereal on earth.

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Honey Graham Oh’s! Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 10 / 10

  • A_gonzalez6

    I rediscovered this hard-to-find cereal and I want to buy it by thr case! No other cereal will ever be as delicious.

  • Ann

    Delicious cereal! Very crunchy. I actually prepare my morning cereal with milk and allow it to set and “soak” for about 10 minutes.  This actually enhances the already delicious flavor while decreasing the crunchiness just a bit.  Makes a great snack mixed with popcorn. Can also add peanuts and pretzels along with popcorn to be extra fancy.

  • JennPika

    Absolutely LOVE this stuff! I love that it doesn’t get soggy in milk. And yes, put some in a baggie and you have a great snack! Everyone I’ve had try it, loves it too! Definitely my favorite cereal!

  • Ashleigh

    This stuff is amazing 🙂

  • Grey Weathers

    by far my favourite cereal of all time- enough so I’m actually wasting time on the computer looking for information about Oh’s when I should be working!

  • erocazeeson

    …cuts up your mouth… is like crunching on glass….