These are organic Cheerio’s. They taste like off-brand Cheerio’s. I don’t really care that they are organic, but the organic tag just means I had to pay, like, $5 for this box.

These aren’t as sweet as Cheerio’s, but there is still a hint of sweetness due to the honey.

I’m not sure if I purchased a box that was near it’s expiration date or whatever, but these tasted a bit stale and completely devoid of any crunch. When in milk, it was like the O’s forgot they were supposed to be cereal and dissolved in my mouth. Not into it.

The golden outer shell of the toruses becomes compromised quickly whence the creme de la bovine is cautiously poured into the resting place of the cereal. The amber honey kiss is prominent and is a reminder of the organic properties of these factory shaped oat pieces.

The packaging is alright. All these organic, natural brands of cereal try to do the same thing with their packaging, so it’s kind of boring. Instead of having fun facts or cartoons or anything cool and worth reading, they just hype up their company and brag about just exactly how sustainable and organic and natural they are.

Honey Nut O’s really aren’t all that satisfying. I didn’t even feel like finishing the entire bowl, but I ate it anyway. Mostly bland, kind of stale, and just not that good.

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Honey Nut O’s Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 2 / 10