Allow me to start this review by saying that I’ve actually had off-brand Lucky Charms knockoffs that taste better than the “real deal.” (Magic Stars anyone?) That said, actual, real-deal Lucky Charms are still good.

Sweetness: pretty damn sweet.

Although the marshmallow pieces have a delightful texture all their own, the actual cereal bits are pretty nondescript in terms of crunch factor.

The pale-brown cereal pieces offset the brightly-colored charms quite well. Lucky Charms would rate a “10” in aesthetics if the marshmallow-to-cereal-bits ratio tipped a bit more towards the marshmallow end.

Lucky Charms is one of the few “big brand” cereals that consistently devotes space to actual games, puzzles, or things to read, though there is still way too much B.S. nutrition data for Mom and crap about their Millsbury social gaming thing that nobody wants to play.

Despite its few flaws, Lucky Charms is one of the standards of sugary breakfast cereals.

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Lucky Charms Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 10 / 10

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