I love the flavor of this cereal. The oat pieces are slightly sweetened and go great with the marshmallow pieces. You can’t really go wrong with marshmallow cereal..

Mallow-Oats contain 13 grams of sugar per serving. This is fairly sugary, and definitely delicious.

There is somewhat of a crunch to the oat pieces initially, but the cereal overall isn’t geared towards crunchiness.

The cereal looks ..well, natural. The colors of the marshmallows are a singular solid color, which is vastly different compared to other unnamed and perhaps lucky marshmallow charmed cereals. I prefer the more “natural” and less chemically altered look.

The packaging makes you feel like you are eating a nutritious healthy cereal, made by Mom herself. Hell, it’s actually Mom’s BEST, so it’s even better.

I fucking love this cereal. I think the “Mom’s Best” & “Naturals” tags on this box combined with a lack of artificial flavors makes me feel good about eating an otherwise “unhealthy” cereal. And I love marshmallow cereal, so it works out well. It’s great as a breakfast cereal and a dry snack, so bonus points for that as well.

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Mallow-Oats Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 9 / 10