I’m not really into the concept of having dried up bits of fruit mixed with flakes. The strawberry, err.. red berry, bits are really sour and tart and throw off the overall vibe this cereal is trying to put out there.

One serving of this cereal contains 10 grams of sugar. I don’t believe that for a second, Nature’s Path! Like I said above, this cereal is much more tart than sweet.

There’s a slight crunch to this cereal while the flakes are still dry. Once they absorb milk, you’ve entered Sog City, Population: 1.


The cereal itself looks pretty good. The plain brown flakes are offset nicely by the bright red bits of fruit. However, there are only 3 or 4 small chunks of fruit per bowl.

The packaging for this cereal is beyond terrible. If you’re just walking by the cereal aisle, you’d never fucking know that this box is actually contains cereal. 80% of the cover is a giant plain shield of text. If it weren’t for the tiny spoonful of cereal at the bottom, you’d wonder if someone accidentally placed a box of organic oatmeal/pasta/cookies/granola/ANY ORGANIC PRODUCT REALLY in the cereal aisle because they decided they didn’t want it (probably because the box was so boring). Additionally, I am annoyed that the name of this cereal is 6 words long and contains “Flax”.

I don’t want to say I hate this cereal, but I do. So I guess I will.

I hate this cereal.

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Organic Flax Plus – Red Berry Crunch Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 1 / 10