Shredded Spoonfuls is a healthy alternative to Life cereal – meaning it is sold in the “Natural Foods” section of my grocery store instead of the “Cereal” aisle. The flavor is similar to that of Life cereal, except ~classier~ with molasses-sweetened layers of shredded multigrains (wheat, corn and oats)

With 5g of sugar per serving, the sweetness of this cereal is subtle, yet noticeable. It isn’t quite as sugary as Life, but it’s still delicious.

As a dry cereal, there is a bit of a crunch. The cereal absorbs milk very quickly and immediately becomes soggy in the best way possible.

The cereal itself looks boring, but it never looks unappealing – dry or with milk.

I hate when cereals are depicted with shit added to them on the box cover – I am not going to be adding fresh blueberries or almonds or whatever else to my cereal anytime soon, so stop adding shit to the bowl unless it comes INSIDE THE BOX. TAKE NOTE, BARBARA. Other than that, the box is typical of “healthy” “organic” “sustainable” type cereals. Boring!

I absolutely love this genre of cereal, and it is extremely satisfying to eat with milk.

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Shredded Spoonfuls Multigrain Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 7 / 10