Now maybe it’s just the novelty talking, but having eaten half a box of Toffee Crisp now, my immediate impression is that this is one of my new favorite cereals. It’s only too bad it’s produced almost 3.5 thousand miles away.

Toffee Crisp, if you haven’t guessed, is a British cereal, and I’ll try to restrain myself from peppering the rest of the review with stereotypical Britishisms1guv.

Inspired by the Toffee Crisp candy bar, Toffee Crisp Cereal is basically the British equivalent to Reese’s Puffs. In fact, when I first saw the box, I thought it might have even been a foreign Reese’s Puffs or something—the designs are quite similar. The cereals, however, are very different. Obviously, Toffee Crisp is flavored like toffee instead of peanut butter, but the shapes are really unusual too. I guess they’re supposed to suggest the shape of an actual, lumpy Toffee Crisp chocolate bar, maybe? Or they’re just a fun abstract cereal shape—I’m probably overthinking it.

The cereal pieces are quite wide, and the unusual shape makes them feel and crunch differently than any other cereal I can think of. Truly unique!

And it tastes really good; the rate at which I was eating the cereal directly from the box by the dry firstful made me wonder if I would actually have enough left to eat in a bowl with milk, much less get around to reviewing it. The flavor is not particularly bold, but that’s a good thing; toffee rarely is, and having a cereal that’s both sweet and subtle is a nice change of pace.

This particular box was a gift, but if it wasn’t, I’d say it’s worth whatever exorbitant shipping and import fees it takes to get some. Cheers!

1 Google seems to think the word should be “Briticism,” but the number of search results they return for each variant seems to suggest otherwise. So get stuffed, you manky plonkers!

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Toffee Crisp Rating

Cereal Fix Editors' Rating: 10 / 10