We occasionally get mail from readers like you. Sometimes it’s fan mail. Sometimes it’s a joke. Usually it’s someone very confused who for some reason thinks we manufacture whatever cereal they Googled to land on our site. Whatever the case may be, here are some actual letters from you folks at home!

Anna writes, “Love the Gluten Free!”

Thank you so much for continuing to expand your line of Gluten Free products! My 4 year old daughter has never been able to enjoy cereal with Marshmallows in it due to her Celiac disease. But now thanks to your team coming out with Post’s Marshmallow Pebbles she can now enjoy that childhood joy. It’s these little things in life like not having to say no to her again that motivated me to tell your company that I’m a proud supporter and will continue to tell all of our friends! Keep up the great work for the Gluten Free community.

Well, we’re not Post. But Hurray anyway!

Codey writes, “BAD FROOT LOOPS”:

This morning I was eating a Bowl of cereal and when I went to bite down there was something very hard in my cereal and it broke my tooth when I tried to eat it … Then shortly after that I took another bite and there was a red fruit loop with a white coating around it and it was just as hard as the last piece that broke my tooth. I dont know what is in the fruit loops but I am not happy as all seeing how I now have another broken tooth !!!. I saved the 2 pieces of something that was in my cereal and I also took pictures..

Ouch. Unfortunately, no pictures were attached. However, maybe he should talk to our fan Vanessa, who wrote us:

Bought Honey & Oats Crispy Flakes with Almonds.Ate a few bites and almost broke teeth.something very hard in it.really small.i managed to save 2 small pieces in a baggy.i no longer have my receipt and I broke the box down when I put cereal in container. So I can’t return it.but I’m afraid to eat cereal and I love it.what is your advice? I can send pic of broken down box and of cereal in plastic container.

My advice would be to switch to the on-brand “Honey Bunches of Oats.” True, there’s no guarantee you won’t get another tooth-shattering hard bit, but if it does happen again you’ll be able to wring more out of Post’s deep pockets than whatever regional grocery chain makes “Honey & Oats Crispy Flakes”!

Reader mignon writes us, “cookies enjoy yy”:

Enjoy your soft cookies a lot. Only complaint is they stick together like they are packaged still warm.Just wanted to let you know.T

Some of the confused messages I understand, but soft cookies?

Reader Danielle writes, “Bugs in Cereal”:

We are interviewing a family today that opened a cereal box infested with bugs. The brand is Family Gourmet. If you have a number for the person we should speak to please share it with us. We would like to include a statement from them in our story explaining how this could happen.

Allegedly! I’ve never found bugs in my cereal, though I am aware of one case where Aliens were found in a box.

Reader Courteney writes, “Found a open bar in the box”:

We found a open bar in the box. We opened the box and the first one was open and not even the full bar. i have a video and pictures for you to see. I am not impressed


And finally, this last bit of fan mail that I’ll post as an image because I don’t want any of the text from the sender’s name, subject, or message body ever appearing in search results for this website, but here, an actual email sent to us dated May 12, 2016:

Actual mail from a fan.

And there you have it! That wraps up this edition of Cereal Fix Mailbag, but if you have any interesting stories or questions, or just want to rant at us like a crazy person, you can use our handy contact form to get in touch—and just maybe you’ll be featured here next time!

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