My curiosity got the best of me this morning and I checked our Google analytics data to see what search keywords were being used to drive traffic to Cereal Fix. Amongst some of the more mundane ones you might expect, such as “trader joes cereal list” and “is corn flakes low in sugar,” I came across these gems:

  • can’t taste fruit loops cereal — This one’s more sad than it is funny.
  • cap’n crunch makes me feel good — But this makes me feel a little better.
  • froot loops or honey bunch of oats? — The hardest decision of my day.
  • how to fix maltomeal — I like to imagine the Malt-O-Meal CEO is desperately searching Google with investors calling left and right, angry and screaming about plummeting stock prices. But maybe it’s just somebody who doesn’t know how to pour milk and cereal into a bowl.
  • is captin crunch berry cereal bad for you — Not funny in and of itself, except that it’s followed immediately by…
  • is cap’n crunch with crunch berries good for you?
  • kellogg’s cereal conspiracy — Whatever it is, I have a right to know.
  • shocking information about special k cereal — Possibly related to the search above?
  • the features and attributes of kellog’s cocoa frosties — Apparently someone writing their doctoral thesis on Kellogg’s Cocoa Frosties, whatever those are.
  • what is the best meal to fix for a mom? — Just ask her!
  • whats the biggest bag of marshmellows i can buy — We may know someone who can help you.
  • which can last longer in milk fruit loops or captain crunch — Made me chuckle at first, but now I’d really be interested in finding out.
  • kashi = kellogg’s brands — Google doesn’t work that way.
  • healthy mallow cereal — I’m going to start an organic cereal company and sell a product named after this Google search.

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